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1453270cookie-checkUtomik Takes Digs At Xbox Game Pass, Offers 500 Games For $5.99 A Month

Utomik Takes Digs At Xbox Game Pass, Offers 500 Games For $5.99 A Month

A new cloud-streaming gaming service from a company called Utomik wants to sweep the hype out from under Microsoft’s feet. The service came out swinging arms at the Xbox Game Pass, claiming that instead of paying $9.99 a month to access 100 Xbox titles through the cloud streaming service, you can access 500 PC games for only $5.99.

According to the pitch…

“We get it, Xbox Game Pass released just last week, they’ve thrown a big budget marketing campaign in everybody’s face, and people like to read about brands they already know. But maybe one of the following reasons is why you should pay attention to Utomik, the monthly “unlimited play” gaming subscription service. Play outside the box!”

The press notice states that it works 20 times faster than the Xbox Game Pass due to their “unique” tech. They say they have 500 games ripe and ready right out of the gate provided by over 50 publishers, and a flexible subscription program for a single user at $5.99 a month or a pass for up to four separate users for $9.99. The $9.99 plan is known as the family plan, and technically you could use it to play online multiplayer games cooperatively or team up in PvP titles.

They also claim that none of the games offered through their service are there for a limited time, they’re there to stay.

They have a pitch video available, but it only briefly covers what games they offer and how they can be played.

It seems a little odd to take digs at Xbox Game Pass when the Utomik service is on a completely separate platform. I mean, people who want to play Xbox games will get the Game Pass, and usually they’re going to do so for the exclusives.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but recall a time when services like OnLive and Gaikai were were all the rage some seven or eight years ago. Then again, net speeds just weren’t very accommodating for cloud streaming and data caps were a real pain… although, in this day and age the bandwidth speeds may have come up but data caps are still an issue.

Anyway, if you really want to try out Utomik for 14 days there’s a free trial. If you have money to burn, no decent gaming PC, no data caps on your net service, a fast and reliable broadband connection, and plenty of time on your hands, you can learn more about Utomik by visiting the official website.

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