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1452560cookie-checkWeekly Recap June 3rd: RiME’s DRM Fiasco, Sony Handheld Rumors, YouTube’s New Ad Policies

Weekly Recap June 3rd: RiME’s DRM Fiasco, Sony Handheld Rumors, YouTube’s New Ad Policies

This was a week of mixed news. We had Grey Box burying themselves under a lot of noise when they tried to defend Denuvo DRM, only to have to remove it a couple of days later. We had rumors pop up about a new Sony handheld set to make an appearance at E3, and YouTube rolled out new policies for monetizing videos with ads.

This was on top of news about a time-frame for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, and a ridiculous Far Cry 5 petition that most gamers are calling fake and the media is reporting as real. These stories and more in this June 3rd, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Three Years Away

Square Enix revealed that you won’t be playing Kingdom Hearts 3 anytime soon. The game is about three years out from release. Ubisoft revealed that Far Cry 5 will sport a character customization feature for the campaign mode, along with offering players a two-player cooperative experience, in addition to giving gamers the option to recruit NPC mercenaries and even wildlife animals, not unlike Far Cry Primal. Telltale outlined when the next episode of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will be launching. And in case you missed it, the game Everspace is currently available on and the Steam store right now.


RiME DRM Will Be Removed Once It’s Cracked

Tequila Works has a rather weird condition they’ve set upon RiME as far as the Denuvo DRM is concerned: they’ll remove it only once it’s cracked. They even ventured to say that Denuvo wasn’t actually DRM and that it was necessary to ensure that the game didn’t break as far as the audio/visual component was concerned. On the other side of the table actor Terry Crews gave words of encouragement to fathers and parents out there, explaining why it’s a good thing to get engaged with your child’s hobby… and more importantly why it’s necessary to join the glorious PC Master Race. We also have up a review of the Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, which is a throwback FMV game worth checking out if you get the chance. Sonic Mania release date is set for August 15th. And Intel unveiled the all new Intel i9 extreme line of processors.


Far Cry 5 Petition Maker Gets Angry

The whole point of a troll is the long con, and in this case the maker of the Far Cry 5 petition has decided to go for the long con. He attacked IGN, Ian Miles Cheong and a number of others as a way to defend his petition to get Ubisoft to cancel or rearrange all of the content in Far Cry 5. Insanity aside, Tequila Works and Grey Box Software’s RiME was cracked and it was discovered that Denuvo actually slows down the game and has been the bane of PC users suffering from performance issues. A new game from Iron Galaxy Games called Extinction is a physics-based hack-and-slash title due for release next year for the Xbox One, PC and PS4. And there’s a brand new anime-inspired mech game called War Tech Fighters, WTF for short, which puts players in towering mechs with lots of fire-power and cool finishing maneuvers.
YouTube Ad Policy Updated

Two big stories to round out the week. First up Tequila Works and Grey Box had acquired the services of Denuvo to protect their game RiME. People complained about it hampering performance and they said they would remove it if it were cracked. Five days after release it was cracked. The happy ending is that Grey Box did remove Denuvo DRM. Additionally, YouTube has revised their ad policies, outlining what sort of content likely won’t be receiving ad revenue due to content that’s either hurtful, hateful, disparaging or demeaning. They outline exactly what sort of videos likely won’t be monetized anymore. Rumors have popped up that a new PSP 3 or PS Vita 2 could be in the works, and they might be unveiled at this year’s E3 during Sony’s press conference. EA unveiled Need For Speed: Payback. And Nintendo outlined their payment model for their Nintendo Network starting in 2018.

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