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1458610cookie-checkAncient Cities Passes Crowdfunding Goal, New Screenshot Revealed

Ancient Cities Passes Crowdfunding Goal, New Screenshot Revealed

Uncasual Games has a Neolithic era indie RTS game currently in the works, which takes gamers back in time to build civilization in unconventional ways. This very game goes by the name of Ancient Cities, which has passed its crowd funded goal and has received a new screenshot.

If you don’t know, Ancient Cities was once featured on this site before during its run on the now deceased Steam Greenlight platform. The game garnered critical success thanks to the community on Greenlight voting it through less than a day, which has led the devs behind the game to start up an Indie GoGo campaign. The project only has six days to go until its run ends, however fans managed to help Ancient Cities to surpass its goal of €25,000 to €53,369 (up by 213%) as of this writing.

Ancient Cities goal 2

The RTS game known as Ancient Cities also received a new screenshot that stands to be the header image as seen above. The new image comes from the game’s Twitter page via a #ScreenshotSaturday post that was actually published today on July 30th.

Looking over to gameplay mechanics and features, Ancient Cities is a real-time strategy civilization sim that explores the evolution of colonies and technology. Ancient Cities will be for PC and is currently looking to get on Steam or Steam Early Access

According to the developers behind Ancient Cities, players will start in the Neolithic era and will have to guide colonies along generations, discovering and improving crafts, managing resources, facing natural disasters, and building up a city of the antiquity in a fully simulated world.

According to the devs, the game will have a “custom rendering engine” that will supposedly fit thousands of items on screen without facing FPS drops. This means that optimization and a screen full of well designed graphical items and structures displayed at once will be top priority to make the overall experience that much better.

You can learn more about Ancient Cities by hitting up or you can watch the older Greenlight trailer showing early gameplay.

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