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1457840cookie-checkCrackdown 3 SDCC Gameplay Videos Get Awkwardly Cringe-Worthy

Crackdown 3 SDCC Gameplay Videos Get Awkwardly Cringe-Worthy

A new 28 second teaser trailer was released by Reagent Games and Microsoft for Commander Jaxon, the action-oriented Agent from Crackdown 3 played by former NFL football star and current Hollywood actor, Terry Crews.

The new member of the Glorious PC Master Race is now lending his likeness and voice to Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 as one of the main characters in the game, joining the handful of other playable agents in the title. You can check out the half-minute teaser below courtesy of Gaming News.

Obviously, there’s nothing in that teaser that gives you any sort of indication as to what to expect from the actual gameplay.

Thankfully this year’s San Diego Comic-Con played host to some actual in-game footage that was put on display for all to see. DualShockers caught wind of the multi-part video collage, which you can check out below.

The videos are pretty cringe-worthy but not because of the gameplay. We get Alan Tudyk playing in the first part, and he has no idea what he’s doing but he does a much better job of kicking butt and taking names than the actress in the second video, who decides to go on a bit of a Social Justice Warrior rant about there not being any females in games when she was growing up.

I suppose no one ever told her about Quake, Streets of Rage, Rise of the Triad, Traffic Department 2192, Tomb Raider, Giana Sisters or No One Lives Forever? Heck, she doesn’t look that old, so if she’s in her twenties then it’s worse yet because just a generation ago she would have had the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii as the main consoles of choice while growing up. Each of those consoles were filled to the brim with all sorts of games starring chicks, from Heavenly Sword to Mercenaries 2 to Final Fantasy XIII to just about any and every Korean MMO out there.

Anyway, it’s the sad misinformation spread in videos like the one above from SJWs (and typically people who have never played a video game in their life) that continues the perpetual decline of the industry into catering toward loud-mouth social media monarchs who continue to talk about diversity and inclusiveness but don’t actually play games, as evident by the fact that the young lady in the second video probably has no idea who Joanna Dark is.

As far as Crackdown 3 is concerned, the game has potential – a lot more so than what we’ve seen from Agents of Mayhem – but it’s impossible to gauge the gameplay loops, gunplay consistency and AI mechanics due to the uneducated fingers of non-gamers wasting half an hour each doing a piss poor job of marketing and advertising Crackdown 3 for Microsoft.

I almost felt bad for Larry Hryb… almost.

The final gameplay video featuring eight minutes of footage along with the writer of Ready Player One is actually somewhat tolerable. The city design looks somewhat inspired and at least it’s filled with a lot of NPC activity. Again, it’s tough to tell if the gameplay loop will be fun because most of the people playing didn’t know how to play.

Maybe Microsoft will roll out a real trailer ahead of the game’s launch and we’ll get to see how the destruction mechanics work and more of the driving and a much better view of the game’s AI.

Crackdown 3 will launch for the Xbox One, Xbox One X and for Windows 10 on PC.

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