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Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy And LoveKami Useless Goddess OST Coming Soon

A limited amount of nine vinyls packed into a collectors box featuring the music from the Dark Souls trilogy will be available this fall. The nine-box vinyl will be physically available from the Bandai Namco Entertainment official store.

There will only be 2,000 copies made available and it will feature more than five hours of instrumentals composed by Motoi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura.

This will feature music from all three games, from the atmospheric map music to each of the boss themes. For all the good and horrid memories that you encountered throughout Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III, you’ll be able to relive those moments thanks to the music reminding you of where you got stuck and had your butt turned into a whipping post of sadism by a boss who popped your frustration cherry.

You can look to pick up the vinyl from over on the official Bandai Namco website.

Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy

And in separate but similar news, MoeNovel’s LoveKami -Useless Goddess- also has a soundtrack that will be launching soon. How soon? Try July 31st, 2017 on for size. If you’re reading this ahead of the release then it’s just a few days you’ll have to wait before you can get your hands on the digital soundtrack.

The OST will be made available on the Steam store where you can currently purchase MoveNovel’s quirky romance visual novel.

If you don’t remember what the VN was about, the trailer for the game is below to help refresh your memory.

The full track list is below:

01 A Goddess’ Day
02 Passing Scenery
03 Step by Step
04 Walking Under the Blue Sky
05 What Are You Gonna Do?
06 Frustration
07 That’s How It Is
08 Emotions
09 Without Words
10 Rainbow Story

You’ll be able to pick up a digital copy of the soundtrack for only $3.99. To learn more you can visit the official MoeNovel website.

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