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Gran Turismo Sport Career Mode Features 150 Drills, Cars Unlocked Via Trials

Sony has been really working hard lately in pumping out new videos and media assets for their games, including the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport. The latest offerings covers the game’s new Career Mode and some of the drills that players will be able to complete in the game.

The eight minute video features a look at actual gameplay, and we’re reminded that it runs at native
4K and 60fps on PS4 Pro. What they don’t mention is that it all comes at the cost of some graphics fidelity. Anyway, you can check out the video below, courtesy of the official PlayStation channel.

We learn that the Career Mode starts at driving school, where you learn the basics in accelerating and decelerating, as well as how to turn, how to draft and how to overtake.

According to Polyphony, there are 150 different drills to complete, and they are ranked from Bronze to Gold, so there’s plenty of opportunities to play through them and then play through them again to get a higher score.


After completing driving school there’s mission challenge, and then circuit experience, and then racing etiquette.

The traditional “Simulation” mode doesn’t appear to be here this time around, but it appears as if it’s blended into the main mode, which includes Sport, Arcade, Brand Central and the Lobby.

They do a Circuit Experience challenge, which includes clearing a segment of the track. The demonstration of the video takes us to Kyoto Driving Park where the Audi TT is put to the test.

In order to unlock new cars in the game you have to get better trial times on the drills in the career mode. The better your times, the better car that’s unlocked.

This Career Mode also ties into the multiplayer, where players will not necessarily compete against others during Career Mode, but your times will be posted so that you can asynchronously compete against other players based on how well and how fast you complete the trials.

Gran Turismo Sport is due for release on PS4, PS4 Pro and for the PSVR starting October 17th.

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