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Horizon: Zero Dawn New Game Plus Added With Patch 1.30

The New Game+, Ultra Hard difficulty, new trophies, and new gear slots have all been added to Horizon: Zero Dawn in patch 1.30, which is currently available for those who own the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The news rolled out over on the PlayStation Blog for those who missed it, or for those who have yet to boot up their PS4 and let the game auto-update. There’s still a level cap of 50 in place, but they mention that you can still earn XP for your adventures.

Additionally there’s the opportunity to spend some shards on armor and weapons for Aloy and it will enable her to access more abilities out of her gear.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30

One thing they mention is that if you decide to start New Game+ on Ultra Hard, you won’t be able to down-scale midway through the adventure, so be sure to pack plenty of berries and say your prayers before you head into battle against a thunderjaw.

In addition to the new unlockable content and customization features for the weapons and gear, there’s also the new face paint that can be applied to Aloy, giving her different tribal looks to match her attire.

Additional fixes have also been implemented to further iron out and optimize the gameplay experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30

All of these features arrive ahead of the upcoming release of The Frozen Wilds, which is due to release for Horizon: Zero Dawn, adding an all new location for Aloy to visit, new robosaurs for her to battle, and presumably new gear to collect.

Some people thoroughly enjoyed the game while others were a bit miffed at the latent feminist tones sprinkled throughout the story, especially leading up toward the end. Some people simply liked fighting the robosaurs while others found the combat a bit boring and trite. If you’re not into open-world adventures you probably won’t like Horizon, and if you’re not into subversive third-wave feminist messaging, you might also find yourself a bit at odds with the game.

Nevertheless, Horizon: Zero Dawn is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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