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1456270cookie-checkInjustice 2 Video Covers Sub-Zero’s Special, Meter Burn Iceball, Clones

Injustice 2 Video Covers Sub-Zero’s Special, Meter Burn Iceball, Clones

NetherRealm Studios demonstrated the Sub-Zero DLC in a new live-stream featuring his specials, his super special, and his combos. The video gives gamers a really good look at the upcoming DLC.

The video starts with a fight between Sub-Zero and the Flash. Things don’t go so well for the Flash, as Sub-Zero uses anti-air, anti-throws, grabs, air-juggles and his special to finish off the Flash. You can check out the video below from MKIceandFire that was captured from the Twitch live-stream.

They also demonstrate some new features for Sub-Zero, including the teleport that allows you teleport in front of or behind an opponent. It’s based on his teleport ice dash from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

They’ve also added the new clone slide punch and the clone slide kick. The moves are attached to the set bonus for Sub-Zero’s red classic ninja outfit, which is based on Ermac.

There’s also a new clone setup that allows players to set a clone, create a slide attack and then force the opponent to fall into the ice clone, which allows for additional punishment.

Injustice 2 - Sub Zero Special

One of the big changes to Sub-Zero is that his iceball no longer freezes freezes people instantly. His iceball now only does minor freeze damage to an opponent like a fireball attack from Street Fighter. In order to actually freeze opponents you’ll have to meter burn his iceball.

Some people complained about Sub-Zero having to meter burn in order to freeze people with his iceball, but the developers explain that this makes Sub-Zero more even to the other characters on the roster.

Another really cool feature is that if Sub-Zero meter burns his clone he can create two clones. It’s also possible to throw both clones at opponents, or use them as shields.

Sub-Zero is actually a lot more layered with his fighting and specials than some people may have originally thought.

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