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1458280cookie-checkLawbreakers Final Open Beta On PC, PS4 Begins July 28th

Lawbreakers Final Open Beta On PC, PS4 Begins July 28th

Boss Key Productions and Nexon have announced that there will be one final beta run for Lawbreakers before it officially goes on sale for PC and PS4 on August 8th next month. The game’s final beta will take place between July 28th and July 31st.

The beta will be playable for the first time on the PS4 and you’ll have all weekend long to get in on the goods. Pre-downloading for the beta is also available right now.

There’s a number of expectations that the press release rolls out for the final beta test, including being able to unlock and equip Stash Drop content that includes stickers, profile picks and skins. A first look at the new Wraith and Assassin’s kinetic blades. Improved gameplay balance based on fixes made during th ebeta periods and improve matchmaking.

There’s also the inclusion of the new PC feature that allows players to link up their Twitch account and broadcast live from right in the game.

Nexon and Boss Key have been pushing for for Lawbreakers, promoting it quite heavily.

To their credit the game will only be available for $29.99 and has about the same amount as content as Overwatch did when it launched last year for $59.99. Plain and simple, everyone who bought Overwatch for $60 got ripped off.

There is a Core Edition that they’re selling of Lawbreakers as well for $39.99, which includes some additional in-game content and skins, but that seems like a waste for anyone who only cares about getting their hands on a fun game.

I’m burned out on samey looking first-person shooters, so it’s not really something I would waste my time with, but it definitely looks like a better and more entertaining game than SJWatch.

You can learn more about Lawbreakers by visiting the game’s official website or you can look for it to release on August 8th in two weeks.

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