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Mass Effect: Andromeda Update Will Add Batarians, Platinum Difficulty

BioWare may be in the doghouse when it comes to the quality standards of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but they aren’t done with the game just yet… not the multiplayer aspects anyway. They recently announced on Twitter that a new playable alien race in the form of the Batarians would make the cut in an upcoming update, and they also announced that a Platinum difficulty setting would be available as well.

The Platinum difficulty and Batarian race didn’t entirely go over all that well with the gaming audience. A lot of fans in the thread were more-so curious about single-player DLC, something that has repeatedly been reported on as a thing that’s not happening. So far EA’s official word on single-player DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda is that they have no official word to share.

Multiple reports indicate that EA has no plans to further fund any major development for Andromeda, and the only thing gamers can expect are patches and maybe these slight tweaks to the multiplayer. How true that is remains to be seen, but the game has been out since March and there still hasn’t been any word whatsoever when it comes to single-player content.

A lot of the fanfare for the game dropped precipitously after gamers had an opportunity to actually play the 10 hour trial, this was further buffed by criticisms and complaints about female Ryder’s face distortions and animations during the promotional trailers leading up to the game’s release.

It was discovered that some of the members held some wildly divisive political views that aligned with Social Justice regressivism. Many gamers noted that some of those political views seemed to seep into the game’s lore, character interactions and design.

Sales for the game plummeted shortly after release due to the revelation that the title was riddled with bugs, poor quality control, a lackluster story, boring gameplay, and uninteresting character development.

Whether or not the series can be recovered depends on where it sits in EA’s priority list, but for now it’s not very high up on that list.

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