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1458520cookie-checkNo Man’s Sky ARG Site Update Reveals New Clues

No Man’s Sky ARG Site Update Reveals New Clues

Even more hints and clues have popped up revolving around Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky‘s alternate reality game (ARG) site, providing cryptic imagery and other codes written in square/file sequences. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.

Recently, a new post has been made on Reddit by user Stevec716, who happens to have found that if you type in the following text “status” in the alternate reality game (ARG) site, the words “Mission Azure Voyage” show up. Upon typing those cryptic words as “Azure Voyage” or “AzureVoyage” one will find a new screen showing a page full of grids and sometimes codes.

The screen should sometimes look like the image below.

No Mans Sky ARG 2 2

From here, one will be able to type in a list of codes that will prompt different screens to pop up, such as the following screenshot that Reddit user iJoax posted.

Upon typing in various codes, I stumbled upon the image showing this strange background and text as seen below.

No Mans Sky ARG 4

No Mans Sky ARG 5

More information on this cryptic mystery surrounding No Man’s Sky was further bolstered when Reddit user Tronaldmcdump had this to say:

“5E13239 and 7DD680F were found by viewing the page source. If you enter them it unlocks two squares.

This is going to reveal another image once everybody puts their code in. I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Edit: Clear your cookies so that you can enter your actual code when you get it if you try this.”

It is suggested by fans that a fourth race and multiplayer function will come into the No Man’s Sky picture via an update — although unconfirmed at the moment — but I do warn that you take the two suggestions with a massive grain of salt seeing that time will tell what the August update has in store for fans.

Speaking of information likely coming forth as time progresses, I’m sure this whole cryptic No Man’s Sky mystery is nothing too big, but one must question if this whole thing is as significant as the time they’ve put into the ARG? More information on this can be found by hitting up No Man’s Sky subreddit or

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