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No Man’s Sky Website Receives Update With Hints And Clues

Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky external website has been updated to reflect the latest changes made to The Waking Titan. So, yes, the rumor was true about No Man’s Sky receiving “something big,” it’s just that it is cryptic and stirring up the community to find out what new secrets Sean Murray and crew has in store for fans. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.

According to publication site N3rdabl3, it was said that No Man’s Sky would receive an update on July 21st. Well, it has come to fruition in that The Waking Titan site has been updated with new cryptic messages supposedly leading up to an upcoming August update.

As of now, publication site GameSpot posted up that the alternate-reality game or ARG website, The Waking Titan, has been up for a while now (for those out of the loop) and on July 21st began a new phase in letting people type in commands and receive cryptic messages in return.

The latter site notes that upon typing in “What is Atlas” in the command line brings up a short poem about No Man’s Sky’s Atlas organization lore. Other words like “Ship” redirects the user to an image of a ship, whilst typing in things like “Help,” “List,” and “List Commands” will show you a short selection of different commands and files that exist.

Furthermore, you can enter “Start Atlas.init” and “Start CSD.init” and it will show that the website is waiting for some sort of input or update before progressing. Upon typing in the command of “Restart” or “Reset” will restart the page and will show “Reset Save”.

For more information about the ARG site and the current progress made by the community to solve the mysterious cryptic messages, you can head on over to the No Man’s Sky subreddit.

Lastly, if the third update comes this August, it will likely follow in being a major update as past rumors by the community suggest as well as hints made by the ARG site. With that said, only time will tell what the “August update” is all about.

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