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1456580cookie-checkRiders Of Icarus Exits Beta And Reveals New Trickster Class

Riders Of Icarus Exits Beta And Reveals New Trickster Class

Several new mounts and a new playable character class have been revealed for Riders of Icarus, Nexon’s CryEngine-powered MMO. The game has officially graduated from beta and has officially launched in full.

The game allows players to build up their character class, and collect and conquer various mounts throughout the game world. The really cool part about it is that just about every monster and enemy you encounter throughout the game can be turned into a pet or used as a mount.

The CryEngine-powered MMO may rely a lot on instanced areas, but it promotes both single-play and multiplayer scenarios. The various classes allow you to mix and match different types of gameplay with the mount-oriented combat. You can briefly see what the magic oriented Trickster class is like now that she’s been added to the mix.

The class is very, very similar to the class from TERA Online, the Elin. There’s obviously a loli-style aesthetic to the Trickster, which is likely going to make it very popular for those who like cutesy looking long-range magic characters.

In addition to the Trickster making her debut in the full launch of Riders of Icarus, they also teased some of the new mounts added to the game, including a three-headed fire-themed dragon and a beast named a Gorgos. You can see them in action with the trailer below.

The new mounts and the new character class should definitely add some sugar and spice to the gameplay of Riders of Icarus. They’ve also added new support gift boxes, new world boss quests, a complete overhaul of legendary dungeon loot, and new legendary dungeon coin rewards.

Nexon’s free-to-play MMO is available right now. You can either grab the client from the official website or hit up the Steam store page to play the game through Valve’s digital distribution storefront.

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