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1458760cookie-checkARK: Survival Evolved Goes Gold, Release Set For August 29th

ARK: Survival Evolved Goes Gold, Release Set For August 29th

Studio Wildcard announced that ARK: Survival Evolved has officially gone gold for PS4 and Xbox One. The game was originally scheduled to launch on August 8th early in the month but the certification and processing on the console manufacturer’s end caused them to miss their deadline and now they’re gunning for something a little later in the month when it comes to the release date of the game, hence the August 29th window.

The news went live both via press release and via an update over on the game’s official website.

Doug Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Studio Wildcard mentioned that the two and a half year development cycle is now winding down as they prep for release on the home consoles, saying in the press release…

“The evolution of ARK has taken a 2-year journey through early access, and the full version will demonstrate that the extra time in development was put to good use,”


“We spent the extra time squashing bugs, improving performance, enhancing the single player experience and delivering the end-game content that will reveal the full story of ARK. We’re excited to finally get it into the hands of survivors everywhere!”

They will also be using the team between the launch on consoles and the game going gold to focus more on PC specific features, such as optimization, balancing, introducing a dedicated server hosting option for players on home consoles, and tweaking some of the boss fights.

The August 29th release won’t just be when the game arrives on the home consoles, it will also be when the team unleashes Ragnarok to the public, which features new biomes, new volcanoes, new wryvern bosses, and all new engrams and dinosaurs to capture and tame.

The full launch of ARK: Survival Evolved will cost $59.99 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. They also announced that there will be a $99.99 Explorer’s Edition that comes with a season pass, access to all expansion packs, and access to all future expansion packs released in 2018. A limited Collector’s Edition will also be available on August 29th, and it will cost you $159.99, and it comes with a collectible faux-wooden chest, a handcrafted leather-bound explorer’s notebook, an official ARK necklace, a cloth map of the original in-game island, a poster of the Studio Wildcard development team, and the official soundtrack.

If you already own the Early Access version of the game on PC, you’ll be upgraded to the full version starting August 29th. The game will be released both digitally and physically for home consoles.

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