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Battlefield 1 PS4 And Xbox One CTE Access Now Live

Battlefield 1 CTE has arrived for folks on console, meaning that if you play on PS4 or Xbox One you will be able to play and test future stages and use content much earlier. If you are looking to join the CTE hopefully you will be able to learn how to do so right here. EA and DICE Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to a new tweet and update post on, folks on console will be able to participate in the Community Test environment (CTE) and will be able test new stages, weapons and much more ahead of the upcoming content release date.

“Battlefield 1 players on PC may already be familiar with the CTE – the Community Test Environment. We are now glad to announce that the CTE is making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.”

Here’s how to join the newly posted BF1 CTE so that you can get your hands on content slated to drop later much early. Firstly, you can register for the CTE on console (PS4 and Xbox One) by clicking on the “More” and the “Community Test Environment” from the main menu of Battlefield 1. Next, you will need to then follow the steps present in the “More” and the “Community Test Environment” to get started.

The CTE will also require participants to have a copy of Battlefield 1 and a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for the platform you want the CTE access for, which is followed by having your PS Plus and/or Xbox Live Gold subscription active — if both Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and your console subscription is already active, then you are clear to move on and play the CTE.

The official Battlefield YouTube channel featuring Westie reveals a recap of past events for the month of July, 2017, for fans who are out of the loop to stay up-to-date. The video also covers PS4 and Xbox One access to the CTE, which is now live across all three platforms Battlefield 1 is currently playable on (PC, PS4 and Xbox One).

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