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Blister Updates Show Off Weapon Attachments And Enemy AI

Item_42 has released three GIFS for its upcoming first-person tactical shooter Blister. The single player action game will sport full weapon customization, unpredictable enemy AI and unique ragdoll animation system. Blister is set to debut for PC and will gain a playable demo later this year.

First featured on the now deceased Steam Greenlight and now running through development smoothly comes Item_42’s Blister. The FPS tactical single-player game explores terrorism and how a special British forces team must stop these threats, all whilst taking place in various parts of London.

In addition to the above, threats can be dealt with by a wide arsenal of weapons that the agents have access to in Blister, but to take it a step further in proficiency and keen-eyed marksmanship comes attachments and other handy weapon gadgets, as seen below.

The next development update the devs shared with gamers can be seen below, which showcases how the enemy AI can be unpredictable when blinded by something along the lines of a flashbang. When under the effect of being incoherent and blinded, the enemy might shoot sporadically, stay stunned or surrender.

The final update shows how animations behave to certain player actions, such as being tased.

It’s good to see that a group of dedicated indie devs who first started on Greenlight collectively collaborated after the platform they started on is no longer available. They’ve managed to do so all while maintaining a decent pace of rewriting scripts and other clunky code to better optimize the upcoming FPS tactical shooter.

As of now, Blister has no release date, but seeing that the devs want the FPS game to mirror F.E.A.R.’s AI, it’s likely that the game will release much later rather than anytime soon. However, a demo is planned to come out this year for fans and gamer alike to test Blister and provide feedback to shape the game for the better.

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