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1460610cookie-checkDetroit: Become Human Avoided Current Events Because It’s Still Just A Game, Says David Cage

Detroit: Become Human Avoided Current Events Because It’s Still Just A Game, Says David Cage

David Cage, Quantic Dream head honcho and director for the upcoming PS4 exclusive, Detroit: Become Human, recently talked to the Official PlayStation Magazine about the upcoming title and some of the things they didn’t want to add because they could be “interpreted wrongly”.

WCCFTech picked up specific quotes from the interview where Cage told OPM…

“Honestly, I cancelled a couple of scenes where I felt the meaning could be interpreted wrongly. It was a very interesting thing for me because it made me realize that with Detroit: Become Human, that we are dealing with very meaningful things and that you need to be careful and be respectful and pay attention to what you have to say.


“And that was scary but at the same time, once the fear has gone, you say ‘wait a second, I’m working on a videogame, it’s meaningful, it’s important, it has something to say, it needs to be respectful, I need to pay attention to everything, but at the same time I’m talking about something’.”

Detroit: Become Human has already received some criticisms after the latest trailer aired during E3 this year, which some felt was mimicking talking points from Black Lives Matters.

Others have criticized Detroit: Become Human for not being a real game.

For Cage, he explains that some of the content was a little too serious for the upcoming title, and that some of the controversial current events taking place in the world were topics they didn’t want to “use” in the game, where says…

“For me, there was no way I wanted to use existing issues in a game that is still entertainment, no matter how much passion and honesty we put into it, it’s still just a game. There are some very serious things happening and we didn’t want to ‘use’ them, so we had many conversations about that.”

There isn’t a lot of positive hype for Detroit: Become Human, and it’s definitely something that is likely to worry Quantic Dream given that sales will definitely be limited as a single-platform exclusive.

A lot of games that have been pursuing Social Justice issues or current day political events haven’t fared so great on the marketplace. Many of them also diving deep into sociopolitical talking points popular within Liberal academic circles have also fallen short of sales expectations, and so one must consider if Cage is aware of the current marketplace climate and if they’ll be making any adjustments to avoid falling into the same pit as others?

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