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Hidden Agenda, PS4 Multiplayer Horror Game Set To Launch On October 24th

Supermassive Games’ upcoming Hidden Agenda for Sony’s home console is set to launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on October 24th, just a week before Halloween. For those living in Europe, you’ll be able to get your hands on the game starting October 25th.

Rely on Horror picked up the news from a tweet that Supermassive Games sent out on August 24th.

So what is Hidden Agenda?

The game is an interactive movie of sorts setup for multiple players.

The game is designed for anywhere between one and six players. Your choices will determine who lives and who dies, as you attempt to help save hostages who have been rigged to kill first-responders; it’s a plot nearly taken from the SAW movie franchise.

You take on the role of two females, a female detective and a female attorney, both of whom are trying to save the hostages and stop the serial killer. If you haven’t seen Hidden Agenda, there’s a three minute video below that gives you a quick overview of what the game is about.

So yeah… it’s a whodunit but with the added twist that some players could purposefully screw up the story just by dicking around with their choices.

The reason Supermassive decided to make the game a multiplayer party game of sorts is because of how interconnected players became watching Let’s Plays and live-streams of Until Dawn, their previous outing for the PS4, which was a neat little horror game based on the Cabin in the Woods trope.

As mentioned, you can look for Hidden Agenda to launch on October 24th later this year for the PS4.

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