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Icey, Side-Scrolling Hack And Slash Game Coming To PS4 On August 8th

X.D. Network and FantaBlade Network released the game Icey for PC back on November 17th, 2016. Fast forward more than half a year later and the hack-and-slash RPG is now coming to PS4 come August 8th.

Both X.D. Network and FantaBlade Network will bring the stylized action RPG to PS4 this month on August 8th. To support said game Sony recently allowed FantaBlade Network Producer, Mark Xiao, to write-up a PS4 summary and introductory post regarding all-things Icey on the

If you have no ideal what Icey has to offer, the official description both on its Steam page and the lies below for you to read over:

“Icey is a side-scrolling action game. On the surface, players take on the role of a young girl with no memory, with only the voice of an omnipotent narrator to guide them through Ultimopolis on their quest to find Judas, a dangerous and powerful enemy.”

The game covers a narrative-based story that opts for you, the player, to see through Icey’s eyes and act as she would or to remain “yourself” and see the world through your own eyes. Additionally, the game is outfitted with a combo system that meshes stylized moves and technique together to flaunt quick executions and flurry attacks that can wipe out an entire screen of enemies upon using dangerous combos.

If you want to see the latest trailer that PlayStation posted up for gamers to watch, the one minute and 19 second long trailer sits below.

Icey is already available to purchase and play right now for PC via Steam. The hack-and-slash game is available for $10.99 on said platform. As for the upcoming PS4 release, the game will debut on August 8th and currently has no price tag as of this writing.

Further information on Icey can be obtained by checking out

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