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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Runs On Unreal Engine 4, Coming To Switch

Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacturer, in collaboration with Marvelous Entertianment and Devolver Digital, announced that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The game continues the satirical, ultra-violent, fourth-wall breaking adventures of the cool-as-ice assassin who purchased a lightsaber off eBay and decided to go around killing other assassins. The two minute cinematic video sets the stage for a tale of revenge, hilarity and Unreal Engine 4-powered ocular orgasms rendered through the meager power of the Nintendo Switch. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

One of the fathers of the assassins that Travis killed in the previous games has come back to get revenge for the death of his daughter. This leads him toward Travis’ little mobile home out in the middle of nowhere, where the old man – armed with a baseball bat and wearing a mask that would make an S&M gimp blush – storms into Travis’ abode.

The game is filled with all sorts of references to other popular culture, including having Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital’s Hotline Miami playing in the background as the old man readies his bat over the head of what he presumes to be Travis Touchdown. In reality, it’s a trap and head that the old man knocks off with his bat is simply that of a dummy. Travis was actually hiding behind him, and proceeds to engage in a raucous fight with the man, who reveals that he’s there to get revenge for his daughter dying at the hands of Travis.

The original open-world title made waves on the Nintendo Wii, so we’ll see if Suda51 can strike gold again with the hardcore, mature-rated hack-and-slash game on the Nintendo Switch.

There’s definitely an air of Kill Bill to the series, and it was something that gamers were quick to point out in the comment section. Heck, the scene with the old man pulling up to Travis’ mobile home in the old muscle car was identical to Beatrix pulling up to Bud’s mobile home out in the middle of the desert, only to get caught off guard and ambushed by Bud.

No release date has been set for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, but expect news to surface sometime next year during E3 or some Nintendo Direct in between that time when they iron out the roadmap of exclusives for the system for 2018.

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