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YS VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Demo Download Available For PS4, Steam

NIS America announced that Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana‘s free demo is currently available right now for Steam and PlayStation 4 owners. You can hop into the game right now by downloading the demo and experiencing some of the exploration and combat in the latest outing in the very long running Ys series.

The demo features Adol and his companions, Laxia and Sahad. The trio are able to explore the remote part of an isle called Seiren. The demo will teach players the very basics of how to make it through the game, including guarding, dodging, cooking, crafting, and fighting. The demo will also allow you to experiment with the different difficulty settings, ranging from Easy all the way up to Inferno.

You can sample a small taste of the game with the minute long trailer below that introduces you to the basics of the demo.

As you can see, the combat in the game is actually very similar to Monster Hunter games and the older Ys titles. It’s real-time with various combos and skills that can be intertwined with each button press, enabling you to mix-and-match your attacks and deal the most effective damage possible.

Nihon Falcom is also bring back the series’ iconic dungeons and layered boss fights, so it’s not going to be cake-walk for you.

Graphically the game looks okay, but it’s absolutely nothing you haven’t already seen before, especially if you’re used to JRPGs on the PlayStation 3. You can obviously tell that the game is a budget title, but at the end of the day if the gameplay is solid, the pace is decent, and the story is engaging, it’s safe to say that real gamers can overlook the substandard graphics.

You can look for the game to launch during the middle half of September starting on the 12th in North America and the 15th in Europe.

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