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1462810cookie-checkBoss Key Wants To Constantly Update Lawbreakers With Free DLC

Boss Key Wants To Constantly Update Lawbreakers With Free DLC

Boss Key Productions and Nexon America’s Lawbreakers has a low player count at the moment, but it seems that the devs behind the game want to frequently add new content and characters all for free later down the line to bring and keep players coming back for more.

A lot of people who play Lawbreakers say that the game is fun, but it seems those people are only a few hundred a day on PC. As for PS4 players there is no telling how healthy the player base is at this moment, but given a new approach by the devs that is detailed in a “Roadmap Forward” post we can see that they want to keep players that purchased Lawbreakers coming back for more.

In addition to the above, a move that sees the devs wanting to update Lawbreakers on a constant will bring forth new maps, characters, game modes and other features to help newcomers and veterans, all for free.

“As with everything map, mode, and class related in LawBreakers, all players who own the game will get this map [Namsan] for free.”

A list of reasons floating about why the game is failing right now can be accessed around about any forum in relation to Lawbreakers, but the important question at hand is will players even care when all of this stuff drops? Only time will tell whether or not the devs free content will do the trick, but if you want to know what will be coming later down the line in the near future for Lawbreakers, YouTuber FrothyOmen has a video detailing the upcoming content.

The game is out now for PC and PS4 and runs for $29.99. However, with the schedule of new content, bug fixes and other major features all coming on a frequent basis for free in the near future, do you think that it will be enough to bring in and keep gamers playing Lawbreakers?

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