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Fall Of Light Demo Now Available, Combines Diablo With Ico

1C Company and RuneHeads announced that a free playable demo of Fall of Light is currently available for download. You can get a hold of the demo right now by hitting up the game’s Steam store page.

The demo arrives just two weeks before the launch of the isometric, hack-and-slash adventure title on the Steam store. It’s set to unlock on September 28th.

The game is probably best described as Diablo meets Ico.

Players will traverse through dark passageways, dungeons, and Gothic environments in an attempt to guide an old and weary warrior named Nyx, along with the light-infused indigo child named Aether, toward the land of the light. However, the forces of darkness will work their magic to keep you locked away in the dangerous and mostly forgotten city.

Players will have to dodge the minions of darkness and fight through the overworld against various soldiers, mages and bosses. There are 20 different battle stances to master, along with a variety of weapons to unlock. You can check out some of the gameplay for Fall of Light with the trailer below.

Unlike Diablo, however, the game isn’t fast paced, nor does it feature break-neck speed combat. Instead, the fighting is deliberate and very visual, forcing players to have to pay attention to the moves being delivered and the attacks coming their way.

One neat thing about the game is that Aether, the indigo child, glows. So you’ll need to use her to illuminate the areas while at the same time keeping her safe.

It’s nice to see that some mid-budget studious are at least still trying to do new things in the realm of isometric-RPGs and aren’t just constantly recycling the same old concepts time and time over again.

If you enjoy games like Ico but you’re also interested in hack-and-slash titles like Diablo, but you’re also interested in story-oriented tales set in dark worlds with mysterious magic at the heart of its lore, then you might want to give the demo for Fall of Light a try.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.

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