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1462740cookie-checkFarming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition Launches November, 2017

Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition Launches November, 2017

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software recently announced that Farming Simulator will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch for the very first time starting this November during the busy holiday season.

The upcoming outing for the Switch will be available both digitally and physically, featuring the “complete” farming experience for gamers who want to play at home or while they’re commuting back and forth.

The press release is extremely thin when it comes to details on the gameplay, the only thing they detail is that Farming Simulator on the Switch will be “loaded” with farming activities and will sport a map containing “hundreds of acres”.

You can check out the trailer for the Switch version below to see what it will look like in action on Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware.

The video showcases how the game can be played in mobile mode and on the TV. A lot of the options, livestock, and productivity features from the full version will make its way into the Switch. It will feature 250 real life vehicles from 75 licensed farming equipment makers.

I was expecting the press release or video to talk about some Switch specific features, such as accelerometer features or gyro controls for the vehicles for motion-based steering, or maybe HD rumble effects for handling the farming equipment. Unfortunately the press release kept everything quite vague, and the trailer seems to show a game that’s only the most bare bones of porting from the PC to the Switch.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the game leading up to release and we can see something a bit more special for the title when November is ready to roll around. In the meantime, Farming Simulator is already available for home consoles and PC, and has been consistently receiving updates since its release.

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