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Left Alive Gains New Gameplay Video And Screenshots

More information about Square Enix forthcoming game Left Alive has surfaced thanks to Tokyo Game Show 2017 and new screens. The mecha game is currently in development for PC and PS4 and will debut for said platforms sometime in 2018.

I really do like mechs or mecha and to see that Left Alive features them in a third-person setting that happens to be in the world of Front Mission has piqued my interest.

Publisher and developer Square Enix has released some new screenshots that shine new light on the upcoming game, which happens to follow on last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 reveal.

The game is said to reflect features of an action-survival game with elements of cover based shooting. We can see this in some of the screenshots present that also depict slightly different scenarios, too.

As noted above, the Left Alive setting is in the world of Front Mission and follows three protagonists as they attempt to survive in a dilapidated city locked in a visceral war.

In addition to Front Mission, the time span is set between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved. The place of location happens to be in an isolated part of Russian, where each of the three characters must act independently in order to survive.

Something worth noting is that Wanzers — the mecha from the Front Mission series of games — will make an appearance. However it is said that you will mainly confront them as enemies, but you will be able to steal and pilot a Wanzer if you wish to do so.

According to the devs, Left Alive will not have mecha customization but you will be able to craft items and so on. Both the crafting element and the multiple routes you can take to get to a destination are said to add replay value and variety on a first or second playthrough.

With that all said, you can watch a new trailer showing the game, although it’s dubbed as “first gameplay” it shows three brief seconds of gameplay that could still double over as an announcement rather than a gameplay trailer. Anyway, it is visible to watch thanks Izuniy.

As promised, the newly posted screenshots can be seen below.

Left Alive trailer screens 1

Left Alive trailer screens 4

Left Alive trailer screens 11

If you want more information on this game it will likely come out in the near future through Square Enix, in the meantime, though, Left Alive is set to release for PC and PS4 sometime in 2018.

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