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1507600cookie-checkNew Left Alive Screenshots And Artwork Appear Showing New Scenes

New Left Alive Screenshots And Artwork Appear Showing New Scenes

Seriously, 2018 has a lot of games set to release for gamers to get their hands on, but that’s many months away before all those new games hit the digital and physical scene. One of the many games set to come out in 2018 for PC and PS4 happens to be Square Enix’s Left Alive, which has new screenshots out to ease the wait time.

I should re-enforce that just because Left Alive is said to come out in 2018 doesn’t necessarily mean that we could see a full 2018 release. Hiccups in development could potentially arise causing a delay and could push it to late 2018 or 2019.

The good news is that the game has quite a bit of screenshots rolling out as of recent showing different aspects of the game, however it only happens to be the three protagonist, different environments and sometimes mecha that stand to be your counterpart.

In addition to the above, the new screenshots are accompanied by a single artwork of Left Alive, depicting that of burning areas that match other screenshots and descriptions of a dilapidated Mother Russia.

If you want to check out the screenshots and artwork here you can, although they don’t provide helpful insight about gameplay or mechanics:

Left Alive screens 2

Left Alive screens 3

Left Alive screens 4

Overall, and to be honest, I’m excited to see more of Left Alive, despite its unbeauteous name.

The only thing that we know so far as of this moment about Left Alive is that it’s set in the world of Front Mission. The game will follow three characters as they attempt to survive the treacherous disaster that has plagued Russia, which based on the various text from this game the situation will become worse while the three are stranded and left alive during the catastrophe.

For more information on Left Alive you can hit up its newly posted Steam page or you can visit its official website.

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