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1506290cookie-checkNightmare Boy, Hardcore Side-Scroller Release Date Set For October 25th

Nightmare Boy, Hardcore Side-Scroller Release Date Set For October 25th

Badland Games and The Vanir Project announced that Nightmare Boy is prepping for release on October 25th for the Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam for PC.

The Vanir Project’s 2D side-scroller is a throwback to old-school 16-bit games where skill was relished, reflexes were respected, and game journalists used to know how to play the games they reported on.

The Spanish developers have released a new trailer intermixed with some break-neck speed platforming action, some sweet looking animated cinematics featuring the eponymous hero unleashing some mean butt-kicking abilities on some monstrous foes.

The game utilizes some seriously distinct visuals to help it stand out, as players take on the role of Billy and must fight through his own nightmare in order to wake up. The game sees Billy attempting to not only fight through his worst fears and dreams, but also fight through the nightmares devised by ten other kids who are also trapped in the dream world as well.

Of course, Billy isn’t just fighting to escape and free the other kids from the hellish nightmare plane, he’s also fighting to get his looks back… because there’s no way he’s going to go to the prom looking like that.

Along the way you’ll be able to unlock new abilities and skills by rescuing the other kids. The game features a healthy mixture of various baddies and stage designs, mimicking classic 1980s adult cartoons like the mini-segments featured in the Creepshow series.

The game promises large environments, secrets, giant bosses, lots of roaming and adventuring, and a mix of hand-drawn pixel characters and cartoon-style visuals to mimic the old-school 1990s arcade games.

You can look for the game to drop on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting October 25th. For more info on the game feel free to visit the official website.

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