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1463250cookie-checkThe Lost Child, JRPG Heads West To PS4, PS Vita In 2018

The Lost Child, JRPG Heads West To PS4, PS Vita In 2018

NIS America recently announced that a new game is in works to be localized and scheduled to release in early 2018 called The Lost Child. The Japanese RPG recently released in the land of the rising sun for both the PS4 and PS Vita this past August, but those living in North America and Europe will have an opportunity to play the game starting in 2018.

The news recently went out detailing The Lost Child‘s content and story, which centers around an occult journalist named Hayato Ibuki. He ends up meeting a strange young girl who ends up giving him the ability to move in between reality thanks to a mystical device that allows him to battle and capture arcane creatures.

There’s an announcement you can check out below that doesn’t really explain anything about the game, but you can at least get a brief look at Kadokawa’s art in the game.

Now if you haven’t been following the Japanese release, you’re probably terribly curious about the actual gameplay. It’s actually a typical JRPG with turn-based combat. You can think of it as a demonized version of Pokemon basically.

You’ll be able to capture more than 100 different astral creatures, each one possessing three different upgradeable forms you can utilize throughout the game. Not only that but you’ll also have a plethora of skills to utilize as well, numbering more than 250.

The Lost Child - Announcement

As you travel through the astral plane and discover the secrets of the mystical device, you’ll have to wind your way through 99 floors of the dungeons located within the Abyss, leveling up and strategically growing your party along the way.

It reminds me a little bit of Devil Summoner, Stranger in Sword City and Digimon all wrapped up together into a celestially terrifying mix of reality-bending adventures and fate-ending circumstances.

You can learn more about NIS America’s localized port of The Lost Child to the West by visiting the game’s official website.

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