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Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds DLC Will Be The Only DLC For The Game

Apparently Sony doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in the story expansions for Horizon: Zero Dawn because the game is only set to receive one DLC throughout its entire run on the market, and that DLC is The Frozen Wilds. One and done.

Expansive DLC picked up the news from a tweet that Guerrilla Games posted up on their official Twitter, which was in response to a fan asking if there would be anymore DLC following the Frozen Wilds’ release in November. The answer is no.

Fanboys have instantly taken this to mean that Guerrilla Games is already working on a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel. However, in order for there to be a sequel the original game must sell well enough to warrant a sequel. Fanboys completely ignore the possibility that it’s only getting one piece of DLC and it may not get a sequel because the sales just aren’t that impressive.

The last numbers we had about the sales performance was that Horizon: Zero Dawn had moved 3.4 million copies back in June, and that 26% of those sales were from digital purchases.

That’s a far-cry from the estimated 6 million units that research firm SuperData Research predicted for the game to move by the end of 2017, as reported by Game Rant. It’s just over halfway there, but there are only two more months left after October to hit the 6 million mark.

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SuperData also estimated that the game would move 8 million copies over its entire lifetime, but that also seems like a far-cry given its rapidly slowed sales pace since launch. Keep in mind that during the first quarter of its release it moved the bulk of its units at 2.6 million. From March to June it moved just under 1 million more. From June to August there was nothing, and from August to October the word on sales has been mum.

Earlier in the month the PlayStation Blog announced some deep discounts on games like Horizon: Zero Dawn in order to move more product ahead of the December release of Horizon: Zero Dawn GOTY Edition.

According to Push Square the game will get its GOTY Edition despite the fact that it never won a Game of the Year award. Usually those are also reserved for releasing the following year after a number of DLC packs and patches have been issued.

As is usual with most fanboys, they aren’t even willing to consider that perhaps the game may have under-performed on the market and the GOTY Edition and Frozen Wilds DLC are a means of cutting losses and moving on to the next project.

It’s also likely possible that Sony may be desperate in trying to get the game to move a cumulative 5 million units before 2017 ends by any means possible, through discounts and the GOTY Edition, even though it hasn’t won any awards… yet.

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