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1523150cookie-checkFinal Fantasy XV November 29th Active Time Report To Unveil “Surprising” News

Final Fantasy XV November 29th Active Time Report To Unveil “Surprising” News

Square Enix has big plans for gamers and fans alike who wish to learn that much more about Final Fantasy XV, the Multiplayer Expansion Pack: Comrades, Episode Ignis, and something new that is listed as a “surprise”, during the upcoming November 29th active time report.

On November 29th the latest news pertaining to Final Fantasy XV will come to fruition, and then some, courtesy of Square Enix upcoming active time report. This special event will not only reveal information about forthcoming content to FFXV, but it could potentially dive into brand new information.

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Furthermore, this active time report will be hosted on November 29th at 22:00 JST, as seen above. Folks interested or curious to see what this time report is all about will be able to view the live event via YouTube or NicoNico.

Looking deeper into the time report, the broadcast will reflect on Final Fantasy XV, including the game’s world release and what has happened a year from its debut.

Moreover, this event will reveal the latest information on the game, the results of the latest survey, and that of the Multiplayer Expansion Pack: Comrades, while playing host to all things Episode Ignis — an add-on that tells the story from Ignis’ perspective.

Last but not least, the time report will focus on something surprising that is due out sometime this year’s December, which is followed by Square Enix noted that…

“there may be even more news…!?”

There’s no telling what this “surprise” will be or what the “even more news” thing may bring folks, but what is for certain is that all of this will be going down on November 29th.

Final Fantasy XV is available to play right now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version set to hit sometime during the early part of 2018.

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