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1523960cookie-checkThe Longest Five Minutes Set To Release On Nintendo Switch February 13th, 2018

The Longest Five Minutes Set To Release On Nintendo Switch February 13th, 2018

NIS America announced that starting February 13th, The Longest Five Minutes will launch in North America for the Nintendo Switch, Steam and the PlayStation Vita. The unique new JRPG will also be made available internationally on February 16th.

Accompanying the news about the release date is a brand new trailer and a few details on the ReExperience System. It’s a skill that allows you to relive past memories to regain skills for the protagonist, Flash Back.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below, which highlights the ReExperience feature and showcases some of the gameplay as well.

So the theme of the game is that it’s an 8-bit looking JRPG with a story centered around figuring out why the hero, Flash Back, is doing what he’s doing. You start the game not being able to remember why you’re fighting the main boss, the Demon King.

The hero loses all his memories during the final fight (well, technically starting fight) and has no clue why he’s there, why he’s fighting the Demon King, where he’s from, or what he did to get to that point.

The game bounces back to Flash’s past accomplishments as he attempts to rekindle the journey that led him and his three friends to that point.

In a way, it reminds me of Half-Minute Hero insofar that it takes a popular JRPG trope and then turns it on its head.

The aesthetic and design reminds me a lot of Earthbound, but made to look like it was designed for the NES but features all the 256 colors from an SNES palette.

The concept of the game seems kind of neat, and if the ReExperience feature plays out right proper it could make for an interesting time.

Syupro-DX and NIS might have a small sleeper hit on their hands with The Longest Five Minutes when it launches this upcoming February for the Nintendo Switch, Steam and PlayStation Vita. I’m actually shocked they’re still making a game for the Vita since Sony treats it like a corpse in the fridge.

For more info, feel free to either visit the Steam store page or the official website.

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