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Portal Knights Set To Arrive On Nintendo Switch November 23rd

Keen Games and 505 Games announced that the 3D, multiplayer adventure game, Portal Knights, will officially launch on the Nintendo Switch starting November 23rd, next week. The game will be available as a digital purchase from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99.

If you didn’t already own a copy on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or the original PC version that made its way through Early Access before launching in full, you can grab a copy on the Switch if you’re in the mood for a Minecraft-esque game for Nintendo’s hybrid handheld gaming console.

In a way, it’s actually quite good that this game is on the Switch because right now the platform lacks a wide variety of these emergent, player-driven titles and while Portal Knights isn’t a breakthrough game, it is an adequately enjoyable entry in the emergent create-and-play sub-genre.

If you’re interested to see how well Portal Knights runs on the Nintendo Switch, you can check out the trailer below.

Whoops… scratch that. The press release doesn’t have a trailer for the Switch version. You’ll just have to imagine in your mind what the game might look like running on the Switch in handheld mode.


Well, okay then. Moving on.

Anyway, the game itself features three different character classes including a warrior, ranger and a mage. You can loot and acquire items without having to pay for loot boxes, and there are random events to encounter as you travel throughout the variety of game worlds featured in Portal Knights.

Boss battles, resource management, ore gathering, home-building, and terraforming are all on the table. You can even play the game in four-player co-op and go journeying around the various worlds with friends, or you can pop open the game’s two-player split-screen mode and have at it with a buddy in the local multiplayer.

You can keep an eye on the game’s launch by visiting the Nintendo eShop in preparation for the November 23rd release.

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