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1523700cookie-checkExamining If Steam Direct Is Actually Better Than Steam Greenlight

Examining If Steam Direct Is Actually Better Than Steam Greenlight

Steam Direct is the replacement and an attempt to fix the very problem that was Steam Greenlight. The new platform aims to reduce the amount of asset flipped games, scammers, and produce actual indie titles by gamers as a means to fulfill a fleshed out library of indies on Steam. But based on what’s been getting through, is Direct any better than Greenlight?

Indie games can be found around and about different places, but Steam’s indie scene has taken off insofar that you can trace a lot of successful titles from the once living thing called Greenlight.

Titles such as Shovel Knight, Hatred, Black Mesa, Project Zomboid, Heroes & Generals, and much more sit under Greenlight’s belt. However, this very platform was also home to titles like Poop Simulator, A Dump in the Dark, and a plethora of shovelware that is too long to list.

The point behind this post is that Jim Sterling, whether you like him or not, has made a new video to keep up with Valve/Steam’s latest moves regarding indie games and its platform Direct.

The video poses some good points and a bad point. The video is about how bad games aren’t just slipping through at a regular basis, but scam titles that will never be completed are showing up in mass groves.

I agree that there are more and more shovelware games popping up recently, but the part I disagree with Sterling is that he suggests a curate team to handle the abysmal indie games.

In addition to the above, if curating becomes the norm, games like Hatred and other titles that might raise an eyebrow may never see the light of day on Steam.

With that said, the new video sits below if you want to watch his thoughts on post Steam Direct.

The true question is, what will it take to create a platform that actually produces fewer abysmal titles and more indie games of value? Do you think that Steam Direct is doing a better job over Greenlight or no?

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