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1523330cookie-checkTotal War: Arena Free Test Week Currently Live Until December 4th

Total War: Arena Free Test Week Currently Live Until December 4th announced that Total War: Arena will be having a free test week from November 24th all the way up until December 4th at the end of next week.

Gamers will have access to three of the game’s factions, including the Romans, the Barbarians and the Greeks. and Creative Assembly are using the open test period as a way to measure server stress testing, with Sergei Laptenok, Total War: Arena product director at Wargaming Alliance explaining…

“Total War: ARENA’s open week is the perfect opportunity to really test our servers with a large number of players,” […] “Anyone can take on strategic gameplay and join massive, historical battles.”

The game features 10-vs-10 battles, and those who participate in the beta will be granted permanent access to the closed beta , including gaining access to additional units.

Creative Assembly is using the feedback from the open test week to fix the game’s problems and patch up some of the aspects of the game that need more fine tuning and balancing.

At the moment the test client features 11 commanders, nine maps, and the three aforementioned armies.

If you need to see what the gameplay looks like in real-time, there’s a video you can check out below from Jackie Fish.

The game combines some of the classic elements of Creative Assembly’s Total War games, while also evolving the experience to include real-time PvP elements.

Micromanagement becomes key as players attempt to not only manage their own armies but also have to fight against other players who have to mobilize their own forces as well. As you can imagine, with up to 20 players all all vying for control of the battlefield, you can imagine that chaos becomes the order of the day.

You can learn more about Total War: Arena by visiting the official website or sign up to participate in the free test week.

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