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ARK Aberration Guide: How To Find Gems, Charge Batteries And Make Zip-Line Motors

ARK Aberration is currently available to play right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you need help finding different colored Gems, making Charged Batteries, and learning how to craft a Zip-Line Motor, hopefully this guide will help you.

To find the easiest Gems, which are Green Gems, you can locate them at 42 latitude and 21 longitude. You can find the harder or rarer Blue Gems around 37 latitude and 52 longitude. The last Gems, Red, are quite easy to find but you will need a Hazard Suit to snag them. Equip a Hazard Suit and head to 59 latitude and 38 longitude and search around that area.

You can see the action of gathering different color Gems thanks to Mitt Gaming.

You can obtain or gain access to the Charge Battery blueprint at level 71. Go to your smith station and you will need to craft 20 Congealed Gas Balls, 4 Crystals, 10 Metal Ingots, and 15 Polymer to make said item. After you are done building a Charge Battery, to charge it you will need to track down a Glow Bug and press your interact button on it while the batteries are in your inventory.

The batteries can be charged up in three different ways, as seen in the video guide below, but once they are maxed you can put them in turrets and other mechanical devices.

To build the Zip-Line Motor you must reach level 54 to gain access to its blueprint. You will need to head to rivers or bodies of water that hold Silica Pearls and you will need Oil as build components, as well as other items.

To see the finished product or the Zip-Line Motor in action, as well as extra content regarding the item being built, you can check out the video footage below thanks to Mitt Gaming.

ARK Aberration is available to play right now and is currently live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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