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ARK Aberration Guide: How To Tame Basilisks And Build Cliff Platforms

Studio Wildcard’s survival game ARK Aberration is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and has quite a bit of people stomped on taming Basilisks and how to build Cliff Platforms. This guide aims to help you tame the Basilisks and craft the cliff platforms featured in ARK Aberration.

Wasting no time, the Basilisk is a hard creature to tame if you do or don’t know what you are doing. The best way to get this thing under your command is to have Fertilized Rock Eggs or other type of eggs taken out of your inventory and placed on the ground near the Basilisk.

The Basilisk will “attack” or “eat” eggs placed on the ground when it’s nearby one of them while not distracted, ultimately increasing the tame progress bar. When it is aggroed or attacking something, the Basilisk won’t eat any of the eggs.

One of the two effective ways to tame it is to box it in a square tall box with a tiny opening for you to escape, finished with a door to ensnare it in the square trap. Put a zip-line over the square and drop eggs on to it. You can also run in and place eggs so that it will consume them, but this method proves to be lengthy given that it tries to attack the doors — drawing its attention away from the eggs.

The second method is to use a mount with high movement speed and lure it over to the eggs. But you should be mindful that dropping eggs from your own inventory will contribute to the basilisk’s tame meter, but not if you drop the eggs from the mount’s inventory.

Below is a video by Nooblets showing how to tame the Basilisk.

You can find two types of Cliff Platforms: The Stone Cliff Platform obtained at level 37, and the Metal Cliff Platform obtained at level 51. Go to your smith station and you will see that the former needs 250 Cementing Paste, 600 Fiber, 800 Fungle Wood, and 1,200 Stone.

The Metal Cliff Platform calls for 200 Blue Gems, 800 Cementing Paste, and 1,200 Metal Ingots. You can look over the full guide on how to make these platforms thanks to Mitt Gaming.

ARK Aberration is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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