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Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory Heads To Nintendo Switch In Early 2018

NIS America and YYT Games announced that Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory is not only coming to the PS4 in early 2018, but the bundle pack of action-JRPGs is also coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018 as well.

A new trailer and press release was issued to indicate that Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory is coming to the Switch, containing the original Fallen Legion: Sins Of An Empire and the sequel Fallen Legion: Flames Of Rebellion.

The two games put players in the role of two different perspectives. In one case you’re playing as a princess intent on restoring the dignity of her kingdom, and in the second case you’re playing as a group of soldiers attempting to do what they must to free their land. You can check out the gameplay in the Nintendo Switch trailer below.

The gameplay is similar to Lab Zero Games’ Indivisible, where there are multiple characters on the screen but the combat moves by fast and furious as you’re attempting to take on baddies of various shapes, sizes and aptitudes for dispensing massive damage against the heroes. As the trailer depicts, you’ll have each of the characters mapped to the different face buttons, and you’ll have to time your attacks and string together your combos in order to defeat the baddies.

As mentioned in the other articles, Fallen Legion is very similar to Vanillaware games, but without the busty ladies and bountiful amazonian warriors.

There haven’t been many JRPGs made available for the Nintendo Switch during its first year on the market, so if you’ve been desperately waiting for more Japanese-themed RPGs for the Switch, Fallen Legion is coming.

Given how few AAA games are on the system, don’t be surprised that the Switch becomes a home to many other single A and AA titles that didn’t quite find success on PC or PS4. The mixture of TV-based console gaming but with the added portability makes it a fine home for a lot of games that people would love to play on the go, or games that could previously only be played on the go but people would prefer to play at home.

You can look for the single-player RPG, Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory, to launch on the Nintendo Switch at some point in early 2018.

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