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1527890cookie-checkFrom Software Teases New Project At The Game Awards 2017

From Software Teases New Project At The Game Awards 2017

From Software has become a staple name in that the dev team has produced well received and critically acclaimed games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but this time around the dev team is cooking up something new. Teased at the The Game Awards 2017 comes a “new project” by From Software.

Anything at this point that comes from From Software will spark mass excitement, it’s just a given. Following the expected reaction by fans in relation to the new trailer at The Game Awards 2017 from said dev team, still has fans clambering to know more.

To satisfy that burning itch as to what was shown at the event, Yasuhiro Kitao took to Twitter to ease fans excitement by saying that more information will come later down the line surrounding that of From Software’s upcoming title.

You can read the tweet below.

If you haven’t watched the video for the “new project” by From Software, you can look over the 30 second teaser trailer right here.

The video above has stirred up the guessing game in that some fans believe this game is Bloodborne 2, while others think that it is some spin-off of Dark Souls. The truth behind it all is that we have no idea as to what it is until From Software unveils the “new project” in due time.

Given that more details will hit the gaming scene within the next 12 months could mean that we might receive any type of information on this mystery game. It could span from a tweet, a post on the dev team’s official website, another teaser trailer teasing that another teaser trailer is inbound or it could be an actual gameplay video showing off the new project.

Until more info drops in regards to this thing, are you pumped that From Software is bringing something new for fans and gamers alike to follow?

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