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1536070cookie-checkPayday 2 Releases February 27th, 2018 On Nintendo Switch
15 December 2017

Payday 2 Releases February 27th, 2018 On Nintendo Switch

Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software announced today that Payday 2 is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018 starting February 23rd in Europe and Australia, and arriving a few days later on February 27th in North and South America.

The game will release both digitally and physically, with 505 Games set to handle physical distribution of the game cart for the little Switch that could.

Details on the Switch version of Payday 2 aren’t rolled out in the press release. Instead the remainder of the sheet just talks about how the game has more than 5.4 million gamers engaged in the community and the franchise has sold more than 16 million units across PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The game has received tons of updates over the years, making it a massive collection of DLC-driven gameplay. I’m curious how much of that DLC will make it into the final product on the Switch and how well optimized the game will be in both the TV and portable modes.

I put gobs of hours into Payday 2, spending some endless nights up constantly trying to stealth through some of the levels.

Nevertheless, if the game makes good use of the Switch’s proprietary functionality then it could easily end up being one of the more fun iterations of the first-person shooter.

This will also mark the first major, hardcore co-op shooter to be made available for the Switch. These kind of games were most definitely missing from the Wii U’s line-up, but Nintendo was quick to correct course with the Switch and getting as many third-party developers on board as possible. The only thing they’ll need to do now is curate for quality control and attempt to keep bringing noteworthy games to the Switch.

As mentioned, you can expect Payday 2 to roll out this upcoming February. Expect more details and demonstrations of the game running in TV and portable mode closer towards its release. We also update Pay Day 2 game with some tips and cheats that you can use on offline or single player mode, but please cheat responsible.

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