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1539920cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Available On Nintendo Switch For $19.99

Slain: Back From Hell Available On Nintendo Switch For $19.99

The heavy metal hack-and-slash game from Stage Clear Studios and Digerati called Slain: Back From Hell is available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop for only $19.99.

The side-scrolling, Gothic action game originally had its start on PC a while ago. When it first launched as Slain! it was fairly incomplete and had a lot of problems with the controls, the pacing, and the combat. However, after some much needed updates and patches, they were able to bring the game up to scratch and give gamers the sort of heavy metal, 16-bit hardcore inspired action game that fans desired.

Well, fast forward a little bit and now the game is available on the Nintendo Switch, offering the perfect mixture of adult-themed violence and gore with the fun-filled portability afforded to the little Switch that could.

Players take on the role of Bathoryn, as he travels through the Gothic hellscape of a blighted land filled with vicious monsters and deadly creatures. You’ll have to overcome traps, dodge projectiles and slash your way through six massive bosses to free the land and save the people, all while listening to a rocking soundtrack from Curt Victor Bryant. You can check out the trailer for the game below to get an idea of what you’re in for with Slain: Back From Hell.

If you weren’t really paying attention to the news feeds it would have been easy to completely miss out on this game.

It has all the intricate visual details that would make Koji Igarashi’s art team from Castlevania blush, but with the sort of metal-gore violence that you would expect from id Software’s DOOM.

Throw in a little bit of platforming, some big-boobed statues, and a whole lot of badassery and you get yourself Slain: Back From Hell.

It may have gotten off to a rocky start on PC when it first released, but it’s quickly turned into a new-school classic. If you’re interested in a game with tactical swordplay, challenging levels, difficult bosses, and lots of gorgeous hand-drawn sprite-work, feel free to check out Slain: Back From Hell over on the Nintendo eShop.

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