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ARK Aberration Guide: How To Tame The Glowtail And Featherlight

Looking to tame the Glowtail and Featherlight in Studio Wildcard’s ARK Aberration? If so, this guide aims to help those on PC, PS4 and Xbox One searching to tame the small, glowing, new creatures.

Wasting no time, players will be able to find the Glowtail creature in the center of the map near pools of water in radiated areas. However if you don’t want to deal with radiation there’s another way to tame Glowtails.

Head to 48 latitude and 27 longitude where the mouth of an artifact cave will be. The cave’s entrance will limit what creatures you can bring with you due to low crawl spaces.

Make sure to bring your best armor and weapons to combat the surrounding creatures. Traversing the cave filled with danger you should come across the Glowtail newt creature. To tame it feed it a Plant Species Z Seed (placed in your tenth slot).

A video by Mitt Gaming shows the entire taming process.

The next creature on the taming list is that of the Featherlight. Much like the Glowtail, this creature can activate a light to protect you from certain creatures and illuminate the surrounding area.

The Featherlight can be located near radiated areas, however 60 latitude and 65 longitude has a chance to spawn said creature. To capture a Featherlight species you must build a small hut with an opening, use the grappling-hook to drag a wild Featherlight into the hut and place a forth wall to close the hut.

Make sure you have a Plant Species Z Seed in your tenth slot and feed it to the Featherlight, this will instantly tame it and you should be able to name it.

The act of taming the Featherlight and building the hut structure can be seen below thanks to Mitt Gaming.

ARK Aberration is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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