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Dead Cells Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One Later In 2018

Motion Twin announced that after selling more than half a million copies of Dead Cells through Steam Early Access, they now have their sights set on bigger and greener pastures in the form of home consoles.

In a press release issued early in the day, the French developers confirmed that Dead Cells is set to arrive on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the incomparable Nintendo Switch later into 2018.

The confirmation was accompanied by a quick 42 second trailer showcasing some of the hardcore action from the rogue-like platformer. It verifies that it’s coming to all the major home consoles except for the Ouya.

Motion Twin’s side-scroller received tons of praise throughout 2017 after it entered into Early Access on Steam. Many gamers enjoyed the fact that it was hard but fair, and that the gameplay was absolutely solid, through and through.

As you can see from the trailer above, the combat is as smooth as a super model’s Brazilian-waxed bottom, and you get a fine mixture of attacks like the aftertaste of a freshly preserved Masseto wine made from the rich Tuscany vineyards in Italy.

You’ll have chain attacks for long-range reach against enemies located a platform or two away from you, while fast-paced sword combos can dispatch foes who are up close and more personal than Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer.

But it’s not a everything-or-nothing kind of game. You can reflect attacks, block attacks, counter attacks, and even dodge attacks. So Motion Twin gave gamers more than a fair shake when it comes to rattling out a victory against seemingly impossible baddies. This is done by allowing players to utilize a bevy of tools to tactically out-wit or out-fight opponents.

Platforming challenges are available aplenty, along with magic attacks and Metroidvania-inspired dungeon crawling.

Dead Cells has been praised top and bottom by most legitimate gamers alike, and soon console owners will have an opportunity to dive in when it launches later into 2018.

The game is currently available in Early Access on the Steam store and over on for $19.99.

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