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1544770cookie-checkEA Sports UFC 3 G.O.A.T Mode Shows How You Build Rivalries, Land Lucrative Contracts

EA Sports UFC 3 G.O.A.T Mode Shows How You Build Rivalries, Land Lucrative Contracts

The upcoming EA Sports UFC 3 will retain the career mode from the previous games, but this time it’s being upgraded and called the G.O.A.T. Mode. Why? Because it’s about doing whatever you can to become the greatest of all time.

The trailer goes through the motions of showcasing how players can create their fighter and attempt to land a lucrative contract within the UFC, sometimes for a lengthy number of fights, other times on a per fight basis.

You can see how you need to build up your reputation both in the octagon and outside of the cage when dealing with the press and making life decisions. You can check out the trailer below.

Much like EA Sports UFC 2, you’ll still have to train in the gym, level up your stats and then fight smart and fight strong in the octagon in order to win over fans and grow your own personal following. Much like CM Punk, you might even be able to establish a fan base even while being nothing but a loser.

However, opposite of EA Sports UFC 2, you’ll have more than just one-off fights with other competitors. The game will take a page out of the WWE 2K playbook and allow players to have lasting rivalries and heated exchanges with some of the other fighters.

Obviously this doesn’t change what the Ultimate Team mode is all about: microtransactions.

Gamers are in the comment section still drilling EA’s bare arse like the Crypts having a train on Nick Hogan during his prison stint, but that isn’t going to stop EA from pushing those microtransactions like gold diggers are pushing into the #MeToo trend.

There’s also the matter of the game’s create-a-fighter mode still being trash since the last two games. Almost nothing has changed other than a few scant options. ApexSportsGaming did a 21 minute video showcasing all the character creation options in EA Sports UFC 3, and it’s extremely disappointing.

Some of EA’s strudel slurpers were quick to jump to the publisher’s defense, claiming that it was just the beta and that EA will like expand on the character creator options. Most realists weren’t holding their breath.

You can look for EA Sports UFC 3 to drop on February 2nd, 2018 for the Xbox One and PS4.

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