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1543210cookie-checkRumors Begin To Surface About Microsoft Discussing Next Xbox Console Release

Rumors Begin To Surface About Microsoft Discussing Next Xbox Console Release

Talk has been picking up traction regarding Microsoft internally working on a new console that’s set to come out in 2019 named the Xbox Two. Price points and release dates are rumored to be in discussion now, with the upcoming Xbox release date said to hit store shelves before Sony’s next console.

Notice: None of the following information has been confirmed by Microsoft pertaining to the Xbox Two, and the same concept applies to Sony and the PlayStation 5. It’s best to take the information as followed with a grain of salt.

A new video has gone up by DreamcastGuy, who reports that he has some connection to Microsoft through a friend. While stating that he has connection through a friend sounds shady, his friend has been telling him information about the next rumored Xbox console over the past four months or so.

According to the video by DreamcastGuy, Microsoft wants the new console out before Sony ships the “PlayStation 5” to be consumed:

“My sources are saying that Microsoft is hard at working trying to make the next Xbox console. They want their system done BEFORE the playstation 5, but is it too soon for a Xbox Two?”

The thing is though, DreamcastGuy reveals his skepticism in regard to this move by Microsoft in that it mirrors previous controversial situations. This move is also said by DreamcastGuy to show the potential of cannibalization toward the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X, if the so-called Xbox One Two made a debut in 2019:

“This rant video talks about leaks pointing towards a new Xbox console to follow up the Xbox One and Xbox One X. This new console is rumored to be called Xbox Two and will be released in 2019. This release date is very soon and seems to be Microsoft rushing to having their hardware out before Sony’s PS4 and Playstation 4 follow console, the Playstation 5.”

The video by DreamcastGuy explaining the rumor and Microsoft’s standpoint on shipping the so-called Xbox Two to consumers in a rushed state can be seen below.

More importantly, if this rumor holds any truth, will there be actual console exclusives to drive consumers to consume the console at launch and beyond? And will this rumored console by Microsoft be another 1.5 device or will the company try to innovate the industry with something different?

Anyway, what’s your thoughts on this rumor in regards to Microsoft internally discussing price points and release dates? Do you think that this rumor holds any truth or do you think that it’s fake?

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