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Skyrim: Lordbound Mod Aims Add New Areas, Quests And 30 Hours Of Gameplay

Skyrim: Lordbound is an upcoming mod by Arcky and Lordbound team. The mod in development for Skyrim will bring new locations to explore, quests to indulge in, and over 30 hours of gameplay to experience. The massive mod is currently in development, but the devs have shared a new trailer showing off progress on the mod’s environments.

Before explaining everything to you about Arcky and Lordbound team or what this mod is all about, a new trailer by said team can be seen below. You can view the near two minute video trailer by Lordbound here:

Looking over to what this mod aims to offer Skyrim fans, Lordbound contains DLC-sized content, new regions known as the Druadach Valley to traverse, over 30 hours of gameplay to soak up, and new quests/dungeons to explore:

“Lordbound is a DLC-sized expansion mod for Skyrim, taking place in a dense new region known as the Druadach Valley. The mod features over 30+ hours of gameplay through new quests, dungeons, and locations for you to enjoy.”

The team happens to be formed by programmers, industry professionals and college aspirants. The crew currently works around the clock to shape Lordbound up as best as it can be, which sounds like it will take a lot of time to get the finished version up and out to the public.

Arcky and Lordbound team have not disclosed an official release date, instead they expect a release window around a year from now, but they’d rather finish it and have it done when it’s done.

According to the Lordbound team, folks anticipating this gigantic mod can expect a more detailed progress report sometime next month, which should contain screenshots, videos or some other form of update material.

Lastly, you can learn more about this mod, Skyrim: Lordbound, by either heading on over to the modding team’s moddb page or by reading one of the older update posts regarding the mod’s development process on said site.

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