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1548710cookie-checkXenon Valkyrie, Rogue-lite Platformer Coming To Xbox One, PS4 February 20th

Xenon Valkyrie, Rogue-lite Platformer Coming To Xbox One, PS4 February 20th

Cowcat and Diabolical Mind’s Xenon Valkyrie is set to make the leap from the PlayStation Vita to the Xbox One and PlayStation starting February 20th.

The game is a side-scrolling rogue-lite that originally launched on the PS Vita back in the middle of December in 2017. The Spanish developer, Diabolical Mind, teamed up with the French publisher, Cowcat, in order to bring Xbox One and PS4 gamers the side-scrolling action title, which centers around a heroine having to battle a wicked witch and stop her and her minions from unleashing massive destruction.

The game mixes a number of different types of sprite designs into one, ranging from 8-bit to 16-bit to 32-bit. You can see influences from old-school classics on the NES to high-end classics on the Neo Geo.

You can see what the gameplay is like for Xenon Valkyrie with the trailer below.

The game features a mix of platforming action gameplay combined with role-playing elements where you meet characters, you purchase equipment, and you upgrade the three playable heroes.

You can also purchase new weapons to help you along the way, or acquire power-ups in order to defeat some of the larger-than-life bosses you’ll encounter throughout your adventure. There are more than 100 items in total to collect, and you’ll definitely need many of them if you want to avoid the unwanted fate of permadeath.

Additionally, depending on the decisions you make throughout the game will determine the endings you can unlock.

There are also randomly generated levels, so it keeps the gameplay feeling somewhat fresh, and you’ll have chiptune themes to keep you company along the way.

Xenon Valkyrie is only $9.99, but if you purchase the game for the PS Vita it’ll be available as a cross-buy title for the PS4, so there’s definitely extra incentive to get the game on the PS Vita or the PS4.

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