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Battlefield 2018 Could Feature The Famous Mauser Kar 98k

EA has recently confirmed the new Battlefield game launch window to drop in the third quarter of fiscal year 2018, more specifically in October. As more rumors surface about the game being set during World War 2, some images of the Kar 98k popped up and could be a usable weapon in the upcoming game.

Notice: All of the following information should not be taken as fact. The images and screenshots have not been confirmed by EA or DICE, and may or may not hold any connections to Battlefield 2018 theme being set during World War 2.

The setting of Battlefield 2018 has not been disclosed by EA or DICE yet, but with Almightydaq having a pretty solid track record and claiming that the game will visit the second world war could be a potential lead.

In addition to the above, Peter Olofsson Hermanrud — a former EA DICE employee who now works for Bungie — posted up on ArtStation about a year ago, a few weapons that have no relation to Battlefield 1 or World War 1. One of the weapons happens to be a World War 2 PPSh-41.

Not too long before Hermanrud posted up his image of the PPSh-41, there were a few images from EA DICE artist Madina Chionidi, who put on display the “Karabiner 98k” on ArtStation.

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Furthermore, with origins of the Kar 98k dating as far back as World War 1, the famous Kar 98k (karabiner or carbine) was a direct descendant of the Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle of 1898. This standard-issue rifle of the Imperial German Army heading into World War 1 can be used in Battlefield 1.

Something worth noting, Chionidi’s “Karabiner 98k” later became linked to an unnamed sharpshooter art project, while she was under EA DICE. Chionidi still works for EA DICE and happens to be apart of the Stockholm, Sweden team, which Almightydaq claims said team is working on the Battlefield WW2 game.

Expect EA to release more information about Battlefield 2018 during this year’s E3 event.

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