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1497360cookie-checkFarming Simulator 19 Features Enhanced Graphics, New Animals And Horses

Farming Simulator 19 Features Enhanced Graphics, New Animals And Horses

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software announced that Farming Simulator 19 is making its way to home consoles and PC later this year during the fall of 2018.

The game will first launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Last year Focus Home Interactive introduced Farming Simulator for the very first time to the Nintendo gaming audience via a port for the Switch, so maybe after some testing and some modifying we might see them attempt to port the newest game to Nintendo’s console even later into 2018.

Beyond the platforms that it’ll launch for Farming Simulator 19, the game will come with three different environments to explore, both in a solo campaign mode and via a multiplayer mode. There will be two all new environments to explore including an updated version of the South American environment for those of you who enjoy basking in the sun under near tropical conditions.

There’s a teaser announcement trailer that went out alongside the announcement about the game’s launch later this year.

Look, I said it was a teaser trailer not a gameplay trailer. The only thing we know for sure is that Giants at least seems to understand and know its audience. They aren’t trying to push square blocks into round holes.

The only thing the trailer reveals is that Farming Simulator 19 is due out this fall for home consoles and PC.

The trailer was accompanied by Clutch’s “Electric Worry”. It’s definitely a fitting song, but it probably would have been even better with a little bit of gameplay footage slathered on top for good measure. Then again, maybe they held off on the visuals due to the new changes.

The press release indicates that Giants has overhauled the graphics for this year’s outing of Farming Simulator 19, enhancing the visuals, along with adding new brands, new vehicles, new farming activities, new animals and brand new mechanics and crops. They also announced that you’ll be able to interact with the brand new addition of horses. They don’t exactly say how you’ll be able to interact with the horses, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could use them to help ploy the fields (or at least, one would assume you could get some workhorses to do just that).

Giants and Focus Home Interactive make it known in the press release that more details for the overhauled and upgraded version of Farming Simulator 19 will arrive over the next couple of months. You can keep track of new announcements and features by visiting the official Giants Software website.

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