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1480120cookie-checkHello Neighbor, Punch Club, Party Hard Coming To Nintendo Switch

Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, Party Hard Coming To Nintendo Switch

TinyBuild’s publishing arm announced that a ton of indie games that they’ve helped put onto the mark will be making their way to the hybrid gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. It will start with The Final Station in March, and round out with Hello Neighbor at some point in 2018.

The news went live over on the official TinyBuild website, where they announced that six full titles will be released this year for the Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned, Final Station will drop sometime this month for the Switch. It’s a side-scrolling apocalyptic survival game. It’s pixel-oriented, fusing Neon City with Snowpiercer. You’ll be tasked with collecting survivors on a train while facing off against hordes of enemies. You can check out the trailer below.

It definitely seems like the sort of game that would be on the Switch.

Clustertruck is a physics-based puzzle game. It ended up selling quite well on Steam and now tinyBuild is attempting to cash in on the ever-growing Nintendo Switch audience. Clustertruck is due to drop for the Nintendo Switch next month at some point during March for $14.99.

One of the surprise hits of 2016 was Punch Club. This game ended up selling like crazy on Steam, and what’s so odd about it is that it’s not even an actual fighting game.

Punch Club follows a dude who is out to train and get stronger in order to avenge his father’s death. He joins fight clubs and works his way up the ranks, beating up all manner of meme-worthy fighters along the way.

Punch Club’s deadpan irreverence is what allowed it to garner quite the audience during its debut. It definitely had problems, and I don’t think it’s all that great a game since you don’t actually get to fight like in traditional fighting games, but that obviously didn’t stop it from becoming a smash hit.

Punch Club is due out in May for $14.99 and includes some of the DLC.

Party Hard is due for release this summer for the Nintendo Switch, and it, too, will be priced at $14.99, along with Streets of Rogue. The latter game, however, doesn’t have a release window just yet, other than being set to release later into 2018. Hello Neighbor also has a tentative late 2018 release, and it will be arriving both digitally on the Nintendo eShop and physically at local retailers. Unlike the other games Hello Neighbor will cost $39.99 and will include some additional DLC due for release.

One Angry Gamer’s Matt Smail didn’t quite care for Hello Neighbor on the Xbox One, so keep that in mind when the game does launch for the Switch later this year.

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