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1509290cookie-checkHorizon: Zero Dawn Moves 7.6 Million Copies Over The Course Of A Year

Horizon: Zero Dawn Moves 7.6 Million Copies Over The Course Of A Year

Guerrilla Games and Sony announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn moved 7.6 million copies over the course of an entire year. A lot of press had hoped that the game would match Uncharted 4‘s 8.7 million copies sold over the course of seven months, but that didn’t happen.

VentureBeat is reporting that it took Horizon four and a half months to come up 1.1 million units short of Uncharted 4’s sales trajectory.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, the Killzone Community editor, Victor Zuylen penned the post for the news instead of Guerrilla’s founder, which is an odd decision.

They do quote Guerrilla’s co-founder, Herman Hulst, who offered a blurb for the press, where he stated…

We had huge ambition for Horizon Zero Dawn and as we approached the launch we knew people were excited, but to see sales of this volume is truly mind blowing. Since launch, millions of players have joined Aloy on a quest to discover the secrets of the old ones. We hope they enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn as much as we enjoyed making it.

Guerrilla decided to give away a free update for Horizon: Zero Dawn in the form of a PS4 avatar bundle and Photo Mode theme.

The update was also accompanied by a behind-the-scenes documentary about the music creation for Horizon’s soundtrack and some of the custom instruments designed for the score.

It makes you wonder how many more copies the game could have sold had it avoided dabbling in third-wave feminists narrative tropes?

Some gamers were quickly turned off from some of the word-of-mouth criticisms that spread around about the game and its portrayal of the genders in the game’s world.

Nevertheless, it appears Sony’s most diehard fans bought the game regardless of the sociopolitical elements in the game, which may mean that Guerrilla and other studios under Sony’s publishing wing may decide to push the notch to the left of the scale just a bit further in the next outing.

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